Article Contribution for Coaching Journal Akademi Kejurulatihan Kebangsaan

COACHING JOURNAL is published twice a year by the National Coaching Academy, National Sports Institute of Malaysia. COACHING JOURNAL is launching its next issue, Volume 1 Issue 6. We would like to invite you to contribute your article for publication in COACHING JOURNAL. We invite submissions from sports associations, academicians, sports adminitrators as well as coaches on topics ranging from academic to on field applied areas of interest. It can be an original research, technical commentary, knowledge base update or even association report; as long as it is related to coaching matters – it will be considered.

Objective of the Journal:

To keep the coaches abreast of the latest developments in coaching related areas of interests.

Target Audience:

Coaches – the Journal will be distributed to coaches (grassroots right up to elite level). The other possible readers would be the athletes.

All articles submitted must be in English.
It should be straight forward and easy to understand. The methods and statistic section need not to be too detailed. It is alright to use previous published word with the relevant permissions acquired. More importantly, instead of a general conclusion please add a section “Practical Application for Coaches”. In this section, explain hoe coaches can utilize the content of your article in their everday work. We also recommend that you highlight import lines/ paragraphs in your article. As with any printed work, please cite the relevant sources should the article include any external content/ picture/ table/ figures.


·Arial, 11 pts, single spacing
·Justified alignment, margins 2.54cm all around (letter)
·Title is Bold, include the affiliations under it.
·Reference Citation in text is (numbered) – Notes style, Vancouver
·Include a picture of the first author and his profile (Academic Qualification and present Occupation)

The Journal is a registered periodical with a designated ISSN number (2180-3773). This makes it easier to catalogue and cite. Consequently, we also send copies of the Journal to all the relevant libraries. For further information and article submission, please email to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected]

Editor in Chief

Coaching Journal

  1. June 2016 | Volume 1 | Issue 6