1st Asian Sports Cardiology Symposium 2024: Uniting for Athlete Heart Health

The 1st Asian Sports Cardiology Symposium 2024 commenced with esteemed guests and collaborators gathered to address the critical issue of sudden cardiac death in athletes. YBhg. Ts. Dr. Nagulendran Kangayatkarasu, Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, delivered the officiating speech, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures and collaboration in safeguarding athlete health.
The symposium, a collaborative effort between the National Sports Institute (ISN), University of Malaya, Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and Football Association Malaysia (FAM), aimed to shed light on the silent assailant threatening the lives of athletes worldwide.
Central to the discussion was the role of Electrocardiogram (ECG) screenings in detecting cardiac abnormalities early on. Speakers highlighted the significance of integrating routine ECG screenings into pre-participation examinations (PPE) to prevent tragedies and ensure athlete safety.
Participants were also updated on advances in cardio-related testing, including echocardiography, exercise stress ECG, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, mobile ECG monitoring, and cardiac MRI, emphasizing a holistic approach to athlete health assessment.
Special recognition was given to Professor Dr. Guido Pieles from Aspetar Qatar, renowned sports cardiologist and keynote speaker, for his contributions to the field. International participants from various Asian countries were warmly welcomed, showcasing Malaysia’s hospitality and cultural richness.
In his closing remarks, attendees were urged to continue fostering collaboration and taking collective action beyond the symposium, ensuring sustained efforts to protect athlete well-being. The symposium concluded with a shared commitment to creating a future where every athlete can compete with confidence, knowing their health is prioritized.
The 1st Asian Sports Cardiology Symposium 2024 served as a milestone in the journey towards safeguarding athlete heart health, setting the stage for ongoing collaboration and innovation in sports cardiology.